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  • If your system is more than 15 years old: The repairs are likely to become more frequent and expensive, so money is better spent on a new, warranty-backed AC.

  • If minor repair issues continue to develop: Even if the repairs aren’t costly each time, they add up. If your system is older than 12 years, replace the unit. It has already become a money pit!

  • If it is wearing out and can’t keep up with cooling demands:

  • To lower energy bills: If summers were mild where we live, spending thousands to save a few dollars a month on AC bills isn’t wise. But our AC season is long, and hot. If you’re paying $100 plus on utility six months of the year, a new efficient AC can cut energy costs by 50% or more depending on the efficiencies of the old and replacement units.

  • To reduce environmental impact: This is the other side of the coin to the last point. If you need AC but want it to be as environmentally friendly as possible, replace what you have with the most efficient AC you can afford.

  • To improve climate control: Upgrading your air conditioner, depending upon the model you select, can improve removal of humidity that allows you to be more comfortable at a higher temperature for increased energy savings. Two-stage and modulating capacity ACs run more quietly and balance temperatures better than single-stage models. In short, an upgrade will make your home more comfortable.

      *All Variable capacity Lennox and Daikin Fit systems qualify for Instant $1200 off
      *All 2 Stage Lennox complete systems qualify for Instant $750 off
      *All 16 SEER and higher Single stage systems qualify for Instant $500 off
      **Limited time only, offer valid through March 31, 2020. Must be installed by April 15, 2020
Spring Promo deal.