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Master Level Air Conditioning Services

With over 35 years experience servicing and replacing HVAC/Home Comfort Systems our team is able to provide consistent results for our customers. We also like to make sure to comprehensively assess all systems 12 years and older due to the wildly out of code installations and poor indoor air quality. You may be getting sick because of your improperly maintained system or staying hot when the rest of the house is cold; we can figure out how to give you an ADVANCED solution not excuses.

AC Service

We will check for:

  • Leaks of refrigerant: There unit is lubricated by additives in the refrigerant and dilute when there is a leak somewhere in the components that use it to transfer heat.
  • Worn or damaged electrical components: We have seen it all in the field and come to find many units in serious need of maintenance. The compressor, fan controls, and other components can wear out over time and need maintenance like a car. Foreign debris and the elements can make wiring and other vital modules brittle or corroded over time.
  • Obvious or inconspicuous corrosion: We will take a look and diagnose failing coils, connections, and terminals due to corrosion or compromised areas due to pooling of moisture.
  • Clogged or improperly routed drainage: We typically have to rebuild lines that carry condensation away from the unit and your home. A clog can back up the unit with moisture drowning its performance and dramatically shortening its service life.
  • Improper installation: Sometimes the unit is not properly commissioned or settings are not correct maybe it is not up to code, we will let you know if something is not right.
  • Weird Noises: Sometimes critters get stuck or the unit is malfunctioning for some reason, we will let you know what we find and recommend. We are the pros and will let you know what solution will help keep your home healthy, no exceptions.

AC Replacement

“If it isn’t broken don’t fix it” does not apply to your home comfort system. It is a vital component to the health of your home and family much more than ever before. Recent innovations in technology have allowed equipment to assess indoor air quality, provide data to help improve it, alerts both the home owner and dealer if something is not quite right in its operation. Each component in the system has sub assemblies that need to match up similar to changing both sets of brakes per axle instead of one corner; you will notice something is wrong way too late.

Systems 15 to 12 years or older need to be replaced more likely due to improved building and code standards that directly impact your lungs and may potentially cost more to operate than all of your home appliances. We have seen 20 year old systems running but their efficiency was costing the home owner over $700 a month to operate. We delivered a cost effective solution costing closer to $250 a month to operate in peak season and substantially improved comfort. We will always perform a thorough assessment before any recommendation, no exceptions.

We are also dealers of exceptional home comfort solutions packed with rebates and low interest financing to help curb the impact of your system use on the environment. Get in touch to get a thorough opinion on solutions not provided by the others; we do right by you and will not skip on the details.

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